The American Gospel Is A Lie

by Naomi

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released September 15, 2014



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Naomi Augusta, Georgia


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Track Name: I - The American Gospel Is A Lie
...oh, my God
...fill this place
...come, Thou fount

The American gospel is a lie
God has set a fire in our hearts
Now that the fire is here
Come burn with us
Track Name: II - Cages
What you've been taught in your cages
A God that is not so
This atrocious prosperity gospel
Claiming God to increase your cash flow
Your hearts are dark as evil
And one day you'll know
As you bow before our Father
And reap what you sowed
Track Name: III - Perspective
You see creation, I see a masterpiece
Painted out across the canvas of eternity
You see a smile with harmful intent
I see a face who hasn't felt love yet

You see power-hungry people sick and filled with greed
But I see men and women who are begging on their knees
Torn into pieces by a world of sinful seed
It's a matter of perspective

Unfulfilled, broken and drowned in doubt
We spend our lives
Rotting from the inside out
We try to please everyone who knocks us down
I won't become a wolf's floor mat

You are more than this
We are more than this

I won't conform to a society
That claims we are all just flesh and bone
Begging for significance and love
Inside a lost and broken home
I can't ignore the facts
I know we are more than this
I am more than this
It's a matter of perspective

Don't be another victim of the world's lies
Track Name: IV - New Age
Is the approval of others
enough to warm your soul?
Because when I'm not myself,
My soul grows cold

It's the dawn of a new age
Beginning a chapter of the end of a church-led failure
We built on selfish desires
with fake glory and fire
We don't even know our own savior
Screaming prayers in chapels
But not in our homes
Putting leaders on pedestals
Exalting our egos
We'll stab a brother in the back if it helps to build us up

So grab your nothing
And hold it tight